What? Why? Who? ...Uh, what?

Though there are not yet any vinyl records, please allow us to serve as a Blog of Record, presenting severely idiosyncratic sonic recordings, for sale and stream, created by our tectonically evolving roster.

WE at GToT don't believe in labels, man. (At very least, this is because we can't figure out what the hell to call the kinda audio stuff that we're planning to put out into the vast there.) And unless and until there's physical "product," there won't be anything to actually label. But, the stuff we're gonna try to foist on you might be improvised and/or composed, noise/noisy and/or nice, and will likely come from the avant-garde of Rock or Jazz or, gosh, the Avant-garde.

Green Type of Tube is an artist operated endeavor. We thank you for listening with your ears. You have our sincere apologies.

green.type.of.tube (at) gmail.com